John T. Marshall is the creator/writer of some amazing and hilarious
comic books including:

Matter Baby
Published by Antarctic Press.

Matter Baby

Matter Baby is the story of a masked baby who is the US government's top secret weapon in the endless battle against kooky super villains and invading alien monstrosities. He lives in Beverly Hills with his caretaker, a B-movie scream queen named Screamin' Ann Hollerann. Under this ideal cover, Matter Baby lives an otherwise normal existence as a toddler, until a hot-line phone call from the Pentagon sends him into battle against The Rotten Apple, The Tough Cookie, Disco-Concrete Man and other no-goodnicks. Take a look at the comic that Patricia Blau, the senior VP of Features at ILM (yes, that ILM), calls "Very entertaining!"

Mighty Bomb
Published by Antarctic Press Mighty Bomb

Mighty Bomb is Cary August, a garbage man who dabbles in chemistry and is out to bust bad guys. He's in love with a woman on his route who is secretly the head of a cult of female thieves. Worse yet, his eternal nemesis, a semi-retired 1960s supervillain named The Globe, is uniting all the arch-criminals of Coast City against him. It's like modern, comic book version of the Adam West Batman TV show, or maybe even a Judge Dredd for the new Millenium.

Mortar Man
Published by Marshall Comics

Mortar Man

Mortar Man was the original version of what became, at Antarctic Press, Mighty Bomb. It was published under John Marshall's own imprint, Marshall Comics, for which he served as writer, editor, advertising manager-- heck, he did everything except draw the furshlugginer thing. (But he did hire and supervise the artists-- and they worked from character designs he created.)

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