John "Toyzilla" Marshall is the worldwide authority on vintage action figures and character toys. He has contributed to and/or been interviewed by virtually every major publication on the planet, from The Wall Street Journal to Sports Illustrated. He has written five fact-filled, joke-jammed books on vintage toys.

the 1970's

  • GI Joe And Other Backyard Heroes
  • This indispensible volume begins with a 40-page look at the GI Joe Adventure Team of the 1970s (over 50 items are shown mint in package, and many are seen out of package). But that's just the start! This book explores all the other action figures of the 1970s: Big Jim, Gabriel's Lone Ranger line, the many incarnations of the Universal Monsters, the original Star Wars characters, and more. The Mego toy company, that king of 1970s figures, gets three whole chapters of coverage! Their output included super heroes from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, original creations like Action Jackson, figures from movies like Planet of The Apes and The Wizard of Oz, and TV shows from Star Trek to Starsky & Hutch. And don't forget the interchangeable world of the Micronauts! It's the only book dedicated entirely to the action figures of the 1970s!
    Over 400 color photos!
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the 1980's

  • Action Figures of the 1980s
  • He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, the WWF, the DC Super Powers Collection, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, and GI Joe: A Real American Hero are the highlights of this journey to the toy aisles of the 1980s. Includes a complete price guide to all major lines, and hundreds of color photos of items in and/or out of package. In addition to the big boys, there are price guides and color photos for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Bionic Six, Bravestarr, Captain Power, Centurions, COPS, Inhumanoids, Real Ghostbusters, GoBots, Robotech, Warlord, Sectaurs, and, yes, the earliest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Other movie and TV lines include The A-Team, Adventures of Indiana Jones, Clash of the Titans, Commando, M*A*S*H, and Star Trek! Plus many others!
    Over 400 color photos!
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the 1960's

  • Action Figures of the 1960s
  • It all started in 1964 with GI Joe. Conceived as an everyman, GI Joe came in four styles: Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Pilot GI Joes, and there were accessory sets for each. Through the decade, the line expanded to include space capsules, fire engines, and jet helicopters-- plus international baddies for Joe to fight. But the toy category of action figures also spread quickly to include Johnny West, Johnny Hero, 007 and the men (and girl) from U.N.C.L.E., Captain Action, and Major Matt Mason, Mattel's Man In Space. They all have their own chapters! Plus, there's a look at some figure-oriented playsets, such as the Lost In Space Switch N Go, the Remco Seaview Sub, and the Ideal Justice League collection. With complete price guide!
    Over 300 color photos!
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Monster Toys

  • Collecting Monster Toys
  • Dracula! Frankenstein's Monster! Godzilla! Freddy Krueger! King Kong! Alien! Meet your favorite frighteners in the form of toys, games, puzzles, household items, Aurora models, and every piece of kitsch imaginable. From Universal Studios horrors to modern menaces, from Japanese giants of film and TV to weird wonders spawned from the minds of toy designers (such as The Great Garloo and Horrible Hamilton's Invaders). Spanning four deadly decades, from the 1960s through the 1990s, with over 600 color photos of items, with market value ranges for all of them! The TV chapter includes pieces from Lost In Space, The Addams Family, Dark Shadows, and Doctor Who! There's even an entire chapter on the Outer Space Men from Colorforms, with knock-offs and related merchandise as well! Plus, a 28-page chapter devoted to Japanese TV imports Ultraman,
    The Space Giants, Johnny Sokko and Spectreman, featuring dozens of items from Japan
    that you won't see anywhere else!
    Over 600 color photos!
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Comic Book Hero Toys

  • Comic Book Hero Toys
  • Superman! Spider-Man! Batman! The Hulk! Wonder Woman! Captain America! The Green Hornet! The Phantom! All the greatest heroes were merchandized out the wazoo for the last half-century and this book focuses on the dynamic and creative merchandising we grew up with in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Action figures? Sure, we got 'em, and there's also soap, board games, model kits, household items, plush toys, squeeze toys, milk cartons and Slurpee cups! Over 600 photos with current values, all in full color! And not just the biggest names, but everybody who wears tights! You'll find stuff for Hawkman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Daredevil, Sub-Mariner, Thor, and dozens more. And don't forget the super baddies. From Joker piggy banks to Doctor Doom dress-up sets, it's here!
    Over 600 color photos!
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